IDEX 2017 Jane’s Videos - IDEX 2025

Under the patronage of his highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.


IDEX 2017 Jane’s Videos

IDEX 2017: Oerlikon High Energy Laser Gun

IDEX 2017: Capability demonstration highlights

IDEX 2017: FNSS Kaplan NGAFV

IDEX 2017: K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

IDEX 2017: FFG PMMC G5 protected APC

IDEX 2017: SR5 and SR7 rocket launchers from NORINCO

IDEX 2017: Battle-damaged Nimr Jais MRAP on display

IDEX 2017: PLZ52 - Chinese mobile howitzer

IDEX 2017: Patria NEMO Container - First look

IDEX 2017: BA Systems' M2A3 Bradley IFV

IDEX 2017: Royal Navy’s contributions to mine-countermeasures in the Gulf

IDEX 2017: Rheinmetall's Leopard Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD)

IDEX 2017: IOMAX Archangel 3 Armed ISR

IDEX 2017: The most advanced Leopard ever produced - The 2A7+

IDEX 2017: Hawkei PMV from Thales Australia