IDEX 2019 Jane’s Videos - IDEX 2025

Under the patronage of his highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.


IDEX 2019 Jane’s Videos

IDEX 2019: AMV XP with HITFACT 120mm Turret

IDEX 2019: Wahash "Wild Falcon" 8x8 IFV Show Debut

IDEX 2019: Rheinmetall MAN's HX Range of Vehicles

IDEX 2019: Oshkosh JLTV update for US Army

IDEX 2019: Hawkei 4x4 (PMV-L)

IDEX 2019: VOLAT Heavy Tank Transporter

IDEX 2019: Milrem Robotics THeMIS UGV fitted with MBDA IMPACT turret

IDEX 2019: ARQUUS VAB Mk3 6x6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

IDEX 2019: Show debut of Mbombe 4 mine-resistant armoured fighting vehicle (AFV)

IDEX 2019: Ashok Leyland military vehicle solutions

IDEX 2019: TATRA Trucks unveil their TATRA TACTIC vehicle (4x4 version)

IDEX 2019: RG41 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicle

IDEX 2019: Mahindra Vehicles - product testing results

IDEX 2019: ARQUUS Fortress (4x4) Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

IDEX 2019: SAFA Modular Tracked Vehicle and Cockerill C3105 Turret